AO-DF001 RO system

# AO-DF001

Product Introduction

Thank you for purchasing AO-DF001 RO system. The product is developed and designed by Taiwanese professional technology company and all the materials are strictly controlled and monitored by multiple processes with several technologies. AO-DF001 RO system adopts patented quick release technology from Taiwan, including the automatic anti-leak function to cut the water off. It can remove the impurities, chlorine, odor, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals in the water with American aerospace technology, which is perfectly designed for household, regular size office and premises.

Product Feature

Sophisticated Designed Outer Look

  1. One-piece forming plastic case, dirt and dust proof, and elegant design.
  2. Display Screen: show device status, streamlined design, easy to clean.
  3. Innovative strong and solid structure.

Patented Easy Installation Filter

  1. Easy to install the filter without any tools.
  2. Automatic anti-leakage technology prevents water spurting during filter replacement.
  3. Hygienic one-piece forming filter. Changing the filter frequently could prevent secondary pollution.

Smart Control

  1. Automatic control system displays the device status on screen.
  2. Automatically calculate the remaining lifespan of filter and remind the user.
  3. Network connection function: The users can remotely control and monitor the water quality by smart phone.
  4. Smart faucet with blue and orange light display, easy to monitor the water quality and filter condition.

The functions of smart faucet and network connection may vary from different models, and there will be network charge in the future.

Filtration Process AO-DF001

Stage One:

Composite Filter: A variety of filtration materials is built in the filter to remove coarse impurities such as sediments, sludge, rust, odor, chlorine, and VOCs in the water and to absorb organic substances. It effectively reduces the burden and increases the lifespan of the RO membrane.

Stage two:

RO Membrane: The highly efficient RO membrane with superior water purification performance and filtration precision of 0.00001 micron can remove harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals to produce the safe and clean water to drink.

Stage Three:

Taste Upgrade Filter: It absorbs color and odor in the purified water, prevents the growth of bacteria, and improve the taste of water.