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Most of us know the importance of drinking enough water and  filtering it to avoid harmful chemicals or contaminants, but did you know that shower water can be just as harmful (if not  more so) than drinking water? 

By removing chlorine and other chemicals from the shower water, protect your skin, hair, lungs, mucous membranes and tissues from harmful vapors that can cause irritation and illness.

Why You Need a Shower Filter

Filtering shower water is one simple and relatively inexpensive step that can make a big difference in reducing chlorine and other chemical exposure in the home. Some people (like me) seem to be much more sensitive to chlorine  and notice the effects more readily, but these chemicals affect all of us on a cellular level. Using a simple shower filter or bath dechlorinator is an easy way to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals in bath and shower water. 

Do you use a shower filter? If so, can you tell a difference in your health?

Simple & Easy Installation
Ultimate Skin Protection
Matching Scents
& Fragrances

S-002 Shower Filter

  • Removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D
  • Calcium Sulphite -Instantly remove large amounts of chlorine from water.
  • Coconut shell active carbon-Adsorption of water odor, organic chemicals and removal of residual chlorine.
  • Color: Black/Red/Gold/Silver are available
  • Different Fragrance are available (Lemon, Rose, Lavender)
  • Taking the shower with wonderful fragrance , enjoying the nature in your shower

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