Zeevak Under Sink Cold/Warm/Hot -Touch Control E-faucet

# AO-FS10-1(DIS-013-1)

Under Sink Instant Cold, Ambient & Hot Water Dispenser with Electronic Touch Control Faucet

  1. Power: 700W for hot water, 210W for cold water
  2. Storage Capacity: HOT TANK: 4.5L, COLD TANK: 1.5L
  3. Heater:

*The heating rod is made of stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about the release of chemicals during heating.


*The use of stainless steel hot bucket has good corrosion resistance, and does not leak.


*It is empty burning preventing design.


*When lack of water is detected, the heating will not be continued, and it is stable and safe to use.


Touch Control Faucet:

The one and only double-layer touch panel. Water and circuit board are completely separated which is safe and hygienic.


Rotatable panel.


Faucet appearance is made of anti-conductive material to avoid the risk of electric shock.


Installation Precautions:

This product must have an independent power supply.


In areas with heavy scale, please use RO water purification equipment.


It is inevitable that the service life of the equipment and the safety of drinking water will be affected due to inlet water quality. Must use a quality filter and regularly change the filter.

A cup of tea, a table of dishes, baby bottles in the middle of everyone’s sleep. Demand for hot water is everywhere in life, and DIS-013-1 under sink water dispenser meets practical and convenient needs, which is space-saving, simple and beautiful. Healthy drinking water allows you to enjoy pure hot and cold water at all times.

Best under sink instant touch faucet Made In Taiwan.