Medical R.O. Systems

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Medical R.O. System for Dialysis

We serve the kidney dialysis and other medical specialties, focusing on quality, efficiency, reliability and ease of operation, meeting the daily standard of quality patient care and service for dialysis technicians and other healthcare professionals.

We have a product lineup which accurately meets various needs such as water volume, water quality, operability, installation space, etc. Also, we have enhanced various sterilization functions in order to achieve cleansing at a high level.

800GPD Dialysis R.O. System

  • 2L/Min(800GPD) for two beds
  • 20″ * 3 stages pre-filtration
  • 1/2 HP RO pump
  • Stainless steel
  • RO membrane :4021*1PCS
  • Pure / Drain water flow meter
  • 1L chemical storage tank for pipe sterilization
  • 24 DC chemical sterilization pump
  • 6 GPM UV
  • 10″ 0.2 micron absolute filter
  • PLC programmable controller
  • Inlet and drain water 1/2″ port
  • Pure water supply (1/2″ port) output * 2
  • SUS 304 internal pipeline with power cord hanger
  • SUS 304 frame with 4 wheels
  • Dimension : L=650mm*W600mm*H=1100mm
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