Desalination R.O. Systems

Highly Effective Purification

Desalination Water System

Designed to convert seawater to drinking water, these seawater desalination systems use high quality SWRO reverse osmosis seawater desalination membranes. These systems use our proven technology to give reliable performance and meet the demanding requirements of the marine environment.

From Watermakers to industrial sized, we offer a full range of both standard and custom engineered Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Systems for applications ranging from yachts, cruise ships, boats to municipalities, hotels, resorts, and various industrial applications. If you have another special purpose, welcome to send us inquiry, we also provide the customized service.

  • Inlet Water TDS: 35000ppm
  • Pre-filtration: 10″Jumbo P.P
  • High Pressure Pump: 5 HP
  • R.O. membrane: Filmtec SW-4040*2 pcs
  • Pressure Vessel: 4040″2 pcs
  • Pressure Gauge: Inlet 10 BAR, Operation: 70 BAR
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPM
  • 1st stage: P.P cartridge
  • 2nd stage: Filmtec RO membrane SW-4040*1
  • Inlet Water TDS: 35000ppm
  • Operating Pressure: 40KG
  • Salt Rejection Rate: 96%
  • Gasoline Consumption: 500C.C./50 Min, 6.3Hrs/Gal
  • Dimension: 56*59*60 CM