Fog Misting Systems

Instantly Reduce Temperatures
up to 30 Degrees.

Puri Optima Misting Systems

Misting systems or fog systems are the most efficient and economical way for outdoor cooling and mist-scaping.
They provide maximum outdoor cooling and comfort.

Some factors need to be considered when choosing the right misting system including wind direction, height of the misting systems, amount of humidity, time of day the misting system will be used along with cost and customer’s cooling preferences.

Misting System Types

There are basically three types of misting systems, high-pressure misting systems, mid pressure misting systems and low pressure misting systems.

We currently offer mid pressure misting systems (200GPD) for residential or light commercial misting applications.

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All Purpose Fog Mist System

Our fog machine can be used for vendors, gardens, outdoor shopping malls, plaza, patios and many more locations.
With automatic timers and water pressure switches, you can now enjoy cool and controlled temperatures in the summer, and a comfortable environment for your work as well as leisure times all through out the year.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have the expertise to deliver results. Whether for cooling, humidification, greenhouse propagation, or dust/odor control, we can help design new products and suggest the best placement of the system for maximum performance.

House or Garden
Street Vendor
Plaza or Parks

FM-2 Misting Systems

  • Sprayer Type: PM-03 ZEEVAK Booster pump 200GPD 110V/220V(50/60HZ)
  • Auto Pressure Release
  • Safety Protection Device: Automatic electricity shut-off for no water supply
  • Timer Set Up
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Activated
  • Color: Black / White

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