12000GPD Industrial R.O. Water Purifier

# AO-ID12000G

12000GPD Industrial R.O. Water Purifier With High Flow Booster Pump and Computer Box

20″ Stainless Steel 7 Stages Pre-Filtration System*1 Set
1st Stage: 20″ P.P. Spun-Fiber Cartridge 1 Micron
2nd Stage: 20″ Activated Carbon Block Cartridge
-FILMTEC BW#4040 RO Membrane * 8 PCS
-Membrane Housing:FRP Material, Size: 4080*4 PCS
-Stainless Steel Frame(#SUS 304)
-Working Pressure: 150~200 PSI
-High Pressure Inlet Booster Pump(4 HP)
-Pressure Gauges : Inlet Water Pressure/Booster Pump outlet Pressure Gauges
-Water Quality Indicator: TDS Meter With LCD
-Mirco Computer Control System
-Flow Meter: Waste Water Flow Meter and Pure Water Flow Meter